USA Road Trip – Awesome Pacific Coast Highway


Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1000The Awesome Pacific Coast Highway. Only 141 miles covered today, but WOW, what a 141 miles it was. Added up, that makes 1,743 miles travelled so far.

The day started off with an incy wincy lie in, until 8am. After an average breakfast, we headed off to Fisherman’s Wharf at Monterey Bay. A quaint little bay with a pier, restaurants, gift shops etc. We stayed for just under 2 hours, and at 1pm, after stopping at a 7/11 to pick up some sandwiches, we headed off to 17 mile drive.

Pleased to say, any fog or mist was well out to sea, so we could enjoy the sunshine.

For those that don’t know, 17 mile drive is a road that runs, in our case, from a small town called Pacific Grove, full circle. Most of it having the Pacific Ocean on one side, and golf courses on the other. Nestled in the hills overlooking both of these things, are houses, no, mansions that cost anything up to $12m.

It was a beautiful drive, a windy one with the gusts whipping up the sand and blasting it into you. On the way round, we saw sea lions and otters bathing on the rock with the local birds. They were also swimming and jumping in and out of the sea.

pebble beach 18th hole
The 18th a Pebble Beach, taken from the bar / restaurant

This road also encompasses the famous golf course, Pebble Beach, a championship course, used I think on the PGA tour in the USA. On the way out, we stopped by, and had a look around, nipping into the bar for a nose, and to take a few pictures.

When we had seen all we wanted to, we jumped back in the car, back onto the what needs to be renamed to the Awesome Pacific Coast Highway, ready for the cruise down the coast.

Despite it only being about 120 miles, the sat nav said it would take us about 4 hours. We could have spent 40 hours on it. So many places to stop, so many great views. The road itself was a pleasure to drive, with the 55mph speed limit plenty fast enough considering the bends we had to encounter. We WILL come back.

About halfway down, we found a little place called The Coast Cafe, with awesome views overlooking the road and the ocean.

The staff there must love the view they have to work with. Of course, they seemed happy enough to serve us a couple of Lattes.

The Awesome Pacific Coast Highway continues

Elephant Seals and the Sunset. Perfect!!!

We were soon back on the road, and found a place to pull in and watch the sunset. Not only did we enjoy a great sunset over looking the Ocean, but we could also enjoy what must have been approaching 100 Elephant Seals. They found their way to the sand, grunting and groaning, ready for the night sleep.

If you can’t picture the scene, here is one to help you. A warm evening, on the beach, surrounded by nature. Watching the sunset to the soundtrack of content seals filling the air.

Reluctantly, at 7pm, we jumped back in the car to head off to our motel at Morro Bay. We had a quick check in, before dashing into town for a nice dinner at a restaurant called Distasios on the Bay.

There are a few snaps below of the drive. I apologies in advance for how many there ar….. wait, you know what, I don’t apologies. They are worth sharing, enjoy the views!

We have about another 200 miles to do tomorrow on the Awesome Pacific Coast Highway, and I can’t wait. Nighty night!!! Take at look at Visit The USA’s website for more info.

fishermans wharffishermans wharf fishermans wharf fishermans wharf Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1005 sea lions at fishermans wharf Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1007 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1008 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1009 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1010 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1011 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1012 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1013 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1014 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1015 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1016 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1017 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1018 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1019 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1020Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1021 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1022 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1023

pebble beach 18th hole
The 18th a Pebble Beach, taken from the bar / restaurant

pebble beach the lodge Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1026 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1027 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1028 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1029 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1030 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1031 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1032 the coast cafe pacific coast highway Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1034 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1035 the coast cafe pacific coast highway the coast cafe pacific coast highway Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1038 bikers on the pacific coast highway Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1040Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1041 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1042 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1043 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1044 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1045 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1046 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1047 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1048

Elephant Seals and the Sunset. Perfect!!!

Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1050 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1051 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1052 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1053 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1054 Awesome-Pacific-Coast-Highway-1055

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