USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 14 – 1,254 feet and a 4 hour drive

10am. That was the time we were to be shot into orbit. Or at least 1,254 feet up One Word Observatory.

We made what turned out to be a second failed attempt to go to Ellen Stardust diner. This time, we arrived at 8am to find they had just seated a group of 40 and wouldn’t be seating anyone else until 9.30. Too late for our Observatory trip and for breakfast.

So, we picked another Times Square diner and had waffles there.

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USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 13 – Hop On Hop Off Tour

After our inspired plans last night over drinks, we got up this morning to have breakfast and then hunt down somewhere to buy tickets for the bus tours around the city.

Max likes the busses, we’d never done it so it seemed like the thing to do.

We had a quick chat with the concierge and they suggest the City Tour company as they also have a hop on hop off ferry to that could get us to Brooklyn. Perfect.

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USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 12 – Big Apple here we come

5.30 am. That’s 5.30 AM!!!

We are on holiday and had the alarm set for this time! Reason? We had to be checking in for our flight to New York at about 7.30, definitely by 8,

We made it despite taking a wrong turn or two on the way to the Car Rental drop off. Once we had got the monorail into the terminal we headed to check in.

One bag was 5lbs overweight. $100. Nope. We set about repacking and with a bit of moving things around, we got it down to smidgen over the 50, so he accepted it.

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Weekly Photo Challenge H20 Niagara Falls

Weekly Photo Challenge H20. This weeks WordPress Photo challenge is all about water.

These photos were taken on our trip to the USA in 2015. During which we drove from New York, Long Island up to Niagara and back again.

I have loads of photos that I have yet to Blog about, but will be doing in due course. If you like a good read all about a USA Road Trip, then take a look here.

Niagara at Night

The first photo was taken at night when the New York Falls were lit up, and we were all ready for the Fireworks.

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