USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 11 – Miami in a Day

That was the big question today. We have a day. Not long. There are many suggestions of Miami in a day. Hop on a bus, spend an hour here. Another bus, another hour here. Walk 10 blocks..etc

We knew a whistle stop tour trying to see everything with Max would probably result in us seeing very little and getting very stressed.

As a result, we decided to drive down to South Beach, check out the beach and the park, and stroll up Ocean Drive looking at the Art Deco building and the hotels and bars.


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USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 10 – We’re heading to Miami!!

With a tinge of sadness, we leave the Keys today.

As mentioned in previous posts, we definitely want to return. We couldn’t have hoped for a nicer hotel for our last stop out of the Keys.

The Amara Cay resort while not the cheapest we have stayed in has probably been the most luxurious. The room was great, the reception and bar area cool and the pool right near the beach was hot!!

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USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 9 – Far South and Bahia Honda

Another day and another hotel checkout. We had two nights at the 24NorthHotel but it was time to move one. We had a couple of aims today.

To visit the Southernmost Point of the island, in the old town of Key West, and stop at the Bahia Honda State Park on the way up to Islamorada. (Pronounced Bay-ah Honda).

We took the car this time as we knew we had to head straight off so didn’t want to wast time with the shuttle bus. We weren’t sure about how much parking would be but got over an hour for just over $2 so all good.

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USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 4 – West Palm Beach

We are certainly getting over the Jetlag. All up and about at around 7am.

We had this nice little villa with kitchen fully equipped with cooker, fridge, microwave etc. Unfortunately we had nothing to cook so it was off to the local Friendlys for waffles!!

Not before we checked out a gleaming white pick up truck with wheels bigger than Max! Turns out it wasn’t gleaming enough as the guy that owned it was cleaning a million flies from it!

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USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 3 – A1A and Jetlag

4.15am. That’s when I woke up, and that’s when Max woke up. It was going to be a long day.

The room was a mess as it always is on the first day. Rummaging around for the thing you wouldn’t need so you put it at the bottom of the case, and then you need it on the first day!

The hotel provided breakfast from 6am and even at that time it was quite busy. The Jetlag Breakfast Club possibly.

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