How was our first campervan trip? – Part 1

You may recall a previous post, that we were thinking of a campervan trip?

Well, we did it, we have done our first campervan trip. How did we do I hear you ask? Well, have a read.

We went away the Tuesday after Easter here in the U.K

The plan was to put Max, our little boy, into nursery for a few hours. Pick up the campervan, load it up, and pick him up by about 1pm.

The kind folks at contacted us over the Easter weekend and offered to drop the camper to us on the Monday. A day early! Great. So there it was. Sitting on the driveway. Dying to hit the open road.

My wife Suzanne went off to work on Monday night, us both excited that when she got home we could head off and experience what we had been dying to try for ages.

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Are you considering a Campervan Holiday with a toddler? We are!

So you’re thinking of having a campervan holiday with a toddler? As are we. This sounds ok…Tucking our 2 year old Max into his roof bed at 7pm, after a story and cuddles, drawing the curtain and then settling down in our bit of the campervan with a glass of something and good book.

April 18th 2017. The day we go on our first campervan holiday with a toddler. The above is what we are hoping for.

An alternative to consider, he takes 2 hours to get off to sleep, we can’t be bothered to drink or read anything so we go to bed, only to have to get up halfway through the night, creep to the loo, while biting my tongue because I hit my head on the low ceiling and trod on a piece of his lego with bare-feet.

These are 2 scenarios we have considered now we have taken the plunge and decided to do a campervan holiday, or maybe bigger plunge, and buy one!!

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What to do in Bude (or what we did anyway)

We had to decide what to do in Bude. We headed there at the end of February, but let me elaborate a little.

For those that don’t know, I am a photographer and my wife is a nurse. As a result neither of us work traditional Monday to Friday 9-5 hours. But this is good. It gives us the chance to squeeze in a few days here, a few days there to go away.

For example our next planned getaway is a Camper Van trip in April. With our 2 year old! Anyway, back to this post.

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Hatchet Pond New Forest Walk. A beautiful walk

Hatchet Pond New Forest Walk.

Christmas is becoming a distant memory. The tree is drooping, the fridge is looking emptier. The dishwasher is only put on once a day instead of what felt like 3 times a day!

Max is back in nursery, so we took the opportunity to spend the day together doing something we haven’t done for a while. Nothing. Well almost nothing.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, so we decided to go for a walk somewhere we hadn’t been before.

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Autumn Colours in the New Forest

I have been meaning to head out and check out the Autumn colours in the New Forest. After a few hours in the office I thought I deserved to take a break ūüôā

I wasn’t exactly sure where to go, only that I wanted somewhere I could park the car. Then, get out and walk around without having to worry about the pay and display, or time limits.

There are a multitude of little walks in and around the New Forest, all with car parking for a several cars.

After a 15 minute or so drive, I pulled off at a little area called Culverley.

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Weekly Photo Challenge Chaos – Or not

Weekly Photo Challenge Chaos. This weeks challenge is all about demonstrating Chaos. We were asked to share our own take on chaos. Could it be the mess in your living room. A busy street crossing. A party on the verge of getting a little out of hand. Or any other subject that celebrates a lack of (visual) control.

A group of pigeons is called a ‘Flight’, by the way. Not sure about you, but I didn’t know this, so if this challenge has done nothing else, it has taught me that!!

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Weekly Photo Challenge Transmogrify

Weekly Photo Challenge Transmogrify. This weeks photo challenge is all about Transmogrify.

Transmogrify = ‚Äú To¬†transform in a surprising or magical manner.‚ÄĚ

And what a better time to show this than in Autumn, when everything changes. The weather, what you wear, how you feel. And of course, nature

There is no better place to demonstrate this than The New Forest. Colours change from shades of greens and browns, to shades of orange and, errr…brown.

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Weekly Photo Challenge Shine at Lymington Harbour

Weekly Photo Challenge Shine. This weeks Photo Challenge is all about Shine, and light.

With the shining sun and the glistening puddles, this sums it up perfectly. This was shot at Lymington Harbour, as we took a stroll around the boats, in the fresh winter weather.

It did take a bit of navigation to get us, and a buggy around the puddles, but we managed it, and got some decent photos to tell the story.

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Weekly Photo Challenge Lepe Beach

Weekly Photo Challenge Lepe Beach. This weeks Photo Challenge is all about Local

Lepe Beach Country Park is very close to us, and is one of the reasons we moved to where we did. We wanted to be near the coast and near the beach. Lepe Beach isn’t a massive, sandy beach like nearby Bournemouth. But it is still great to have something on our doorstep we can enjoy.

This photo is my wife Suzanne and our son, Max, just chillin’ enjoying the sunshine, the beach and the views.

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Glamping at Knaveswell Farm Dorset

We decided, quite last minute to go¬†Glamping at Knaveswell Farm, in Dorset. You can see from a previous post we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. This was written before our experience below.

Knaveswell Farm is a farm located just to the East of Corfe Castle, on the way to Swanage, so a great location. Being a farm, the roads to it are narrow and twisty, so be prepared for the occasional tight squeeze past other cars.

On arrival at the Farm, we pulled in as instructed to the main farm house area, where the owner Jo, greeted us and gave us directions and information about our ‘tent’.

She also advised us where we could get ice packs from for the fridge, as while the tents were well equipped, there was zero electricity, so keeping food cold was done the old fashioned way with ice packs.

Directions in hand, we headed off to our tent and prepared for Glamping at Knaveswell Farm!

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