Marchwood New Forest Walk. Fog & Puddles

It was cold, damp and foggy but that wasn’t going to stop us on a Marchwood New Forest Walk.

We donned walking shoes, wellies and coats. Grabbed the camera, and off we went. We parked up and headed up the hill to the clearing.

We have walked here before, so we know some of the paths, but there is always a track or route undiscovered.

Being December, the weather was grotty. Foggy, muddy and puddles everywhere.

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Hatchet Pond New Forest Walk. A beautiful walk

Hatchet Pond New Forest Walk.

Christmas is becoming a distant memory. The tree is drooping, the fridge is looking emptier. The dishwasher is only put on once a day instead of what felt like 3 times a day!

Max is back in nursery, so we took the opportunity to spend the day together doing something we haven’t done for a while. Nothing. Well almost nothing.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, so we decided to go for a walk somewhere we hadn’t been before.

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Autumn Colours in the New Forest

I have been meaning to head out and check out the Autumn colours in the New Forest. After a few hours in the office I thought I deserved to take a break 🙂

I wasn’t exactly sure where to go, only that I wanted somewhere I could park the car. Then, get out and walk around without having to worry about the pay and display, or time limits.

There are a multitude of little walks in and around the New Forest, all with car parking for a several cars.

After a 15 minute or so drive, I pulled off at a little area called Culverley.

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Kings Hat Walk New Forest – Well some of it!

Kings Hat Walk New Forest. The next of the walks we ventured out on. This time, it was just me, with our son Max.

My biggest concern of the morning, obviously wasn’t the drive there. It wasn’t would it be too damp we couldn’t walk anywhere. It wasn’t even would our 2 year get picked up by a cow and carried off! This doesn’t happen by the way. Much.

The biggest concern was, would he wear his new wellies! Well he did. Just.

We parked up, and I squeezed him into his wellies, much to his reluctance.

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Pig Bush New Forest Walk with a 2 year old!

Pig Bush New Forest Walk. I admit, this doesn’t sound appealing, but any walk in the New Forest is normally pretty decent.

Address if you need it is Pig Bush Inclosure, Hatchet Lane, Brockenhurst, SO42.

It was a warmish Wednesday morning, and we fancied exploring as we had only been in our new house for a couple of week.

Driving along, we saw a car park, and entered to enjoy the Pig Bush New Forest walk, with our 2 year old.

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Lepe Beach Day Trip – My Tips

With time to kill, we decided on a Lepe Beach Day Trip. We live a mere 5 miles from this particular beach. As a result it is perfect for those days when the sun is shining, and you’re not quite sure what to do.

Our Lepe Beach Day Trip

Lepe Beach Day trip

Lepe location

Lepe Beach is small, mainly shingle type beach situated just south east of the New Forest. There are two carparks, right on the beach, and another in the park area which is situated a few metres above the beach car park.

We chose a beautiful day for our Lepe Beach Day Trip. It was a Tuesday nearing the end of the school holidays. While there were a few people about, it was by no means crowded. This certainly helped with the photos!

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